Saturday, July 21, 2007

400 miles

I've amassed 407 miles this month so far, which is a few miles past what I got in May. This is the most miles I've been able to pack on in a month's time so far. I still have 10 days to go, too. I am definitely on course to breeze past 500 miles in July.

I'm about 8 miles from home right now at the local PHP User's Group meeting, and I'm at about 1985 miles for the year. My wife and I went on another bike ride this morning after she got off work. With today's riding, I'll be about 7 miles short of ticking over 2000 miles today without sacrificing time with my wife. Family is more important than 7 miles, though.

1 comment:

Sirrus Rider said...

Your doing it right! Taking her riding is a good way of spending time with her and keeping it healthy for the both of you. OLd biker expression, "The family that rids together stays together."

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