Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bike To Work Week Day Four: Round Three

No photos this morning, just riding. Relentless, constant riding.

I left at 5:00 sharp, and I knew it would be a bit slower than usual. My legs didn't recover from last night, and they were not quite as responsive as they were yesterday morning. I wasn't that slow, but I was slower.

It was a bit colder this morning than yesterday, but I learned my lesson. I wore long thermals under my bike shorts (and over the liner) to keep my knees warm, and a hoodie to keep my core warm. Full-finger gloves kept my hands comfortable.

My front derailleur was still off a bit, but now I was dropping the chain off the hammer ring instead. I took a bit of a different route, catching 67th street to Turkey Creek Trail. When the trail crossed Merriam Lane, I hopped off the bike to do some derailleur tuning and some stretches. After I got it dialed in, I had no more problems.

As I approached Antioch and Merriam Lane, I saw another commuter again. It wasn't Caroline this time. I tried, yet again, to reel the cyclist in, but I ended up running dead even this time, never gaining ground. I lost visual contact where Southwest Boulevard does a chicane through some residential stuff. A few minutes later, I passed Jeff again, on the unmistakable green fixie.

Up the boulevard, into the heart of KCMO, and in for some quick carbs. It's not over yet, but I'm calling this year's bike to work week a success. My goal was to make it at least one day round trip via bike. Monday was about the same number of miles as a round trip, but it wasn't. Yesterday was a full round trip and then some. I plan on finishing today with another round trip, and tomorrow, we'll just have to see how I feel.

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