Monday, April 02, 2007

Oh yes... some other stuff!

This past weekend, my wife and I decided to hit the road. I like cycling, but I also like driving on the highway. I hate driving in town though.

We took a 450-ish mile road trip on Saturday, really for nothing other than to go to White Castle. The closest one to KC is near St. Louis! You could say ax0n & Fellisa go to White Castle. Haha!

I snapped the next photograph on the way back from White Castle. It's the Callaway Nuclear Power Plant and I had to go 4x optical, 4x digital zoom to get that photo (16x zoom) so it's quite a ways off in the distance from I-70. Nuclear power plants have always fascinated me. There are a lot of naysayers, but I actually prefer Nuke plants to Coal fired ones. Keep in mind that while I care for my planet, I'm not to be confused with an environmentalist.

Oh my gosh! A cyclist! Just as I was packing up my stuff at Starbucks after making that last post, a guy came and locked up to a tree. Judging from the backpack and street clothes, I'm going to guess it's a fellow bicycle commuter. He was riding a Trek mountain bike, but I didn't catch the model. You don't see many newish bikes around here, or at least newish bikes of this quality. I hope his bike is still intact when he gets back, but he was likely, as I, just stopping for breakfast. He didn't come into Starbucks, but there's a whole food court area in Town Pavilion.

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