Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weekend Recap

Photo: The warcycle, armed to the teeth with high-tech gear for discovering and hijacking defenseless wireless networks along my route. Notice the two long-range, high-gain antennae. The "guts" of this rig (a Garmin eTrex yellow and an HP Jornada 720 computer with high-power 200mW 802.11B/G adapter) are in the handlebar bag. If this is all greek to you, I'm sure you can appreciate the 24-ounce can of ultra-caffeinated JOLT Cola sitting in the seat-tube bottle cage.

Friday, I rode to the 2600 meeting from the nearest bus stop. 2600 is an informal gathering of people that are typically very, very nerdy. The meetings themselves have evolved out of the telephone and computer hacking culture, but these days, it's mostly a chance to hang out and talk to fellow nerds.

I ended up car pooling around town with my friends afterwards, and came and got my bike when we were all done. I was surprised to find that someone had strapped a $10 mall gift card to my bike. I'm not sure if it was just someone who appreciates environmentally conscious transportation, or what.

Saturday, I would have liked to have partaken in CommuterDude's ride, but my Outlook still isn't fixed. There was another dusting of snow Saturday morning, too. I drove kind of backwards of CommuterDude's map and found them on Renner. I waved, but I doubt any of them know me, and I didn't get a chance to see if Tim was in the pack. He would have been the only one who could have recognized me. All of four were riding, brave souls they be...

I'm not sure when my Outlook will be ready, but I probably won't be able to pick up my wheel until at least Tuesday even if they get it fixed tomorrow. I'm still tentatively planning on making the Monday night recovery ride tomorrow, but I'll be on the mountain bike this time.


amidnightrider said...

I took my first ride on my commuter since getting it out of the shop.
Cruising around like you did kind of brings me back a few years. We were listening to Zepplin and the Dead back then.

I'm going to post a little something tomorrow (Monday) with all my KC and other non-coastal friends in mind.

I am leaving todays post up for a bit because of the content. Wifey stunned me with some concert tickets yesterday.

Keep an eye on those telephone hackers. Thats my field. Telephone, not hacking. Well not telephone hacking. OK not Verizon hacking.

Apertome said...

That is a sweet setup, man. My nerdy pastimes have taken a real backseat to cycling and hiking and doing other things outdoors. Plus, something about the job I have now makes me not want to sit in front of a computer anymore when I get home.

One of these days, I'm hoping my geek bug will kick in hardcore again. It's been a long time since I did geeky projects for myself.

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