Monday, March 26, 2007

Wakey wakey!

So, I took two naps Sunday, one right after I got home around 4:00am until 8:00am when it was time to leave for church (I run any or all of video, slides, sound, and lights on any given Sunday morning). After that, I went to lunch with my parental units, then went home and took another nap for a while. I got to bed around 1:00am this morning, was awake off and on, and finally got out of bed at 5:30.

I tossed on my new bike shorts, loaded up the bike, and hit the road at about 5:50, landing me at the bus stop just in time to see the 6:00 bus heading on down the road. So then I stood around the bus stop for about 10 minutes waiting for it to show up. It's tradition for someone to bring goodies in on Monday for our staff meeting, so I'm bringing bagels to work for pretty much my entire floor. To facilitate this, I moved the rear rack off my mountain bike onto the Outlook, and loaded up the duffel sack I usually take with me for groceries, packed with bagels (in bags!), cream cheese, and plastic knives galore. The duffel is strapped down sideways to my rear rack. It's quite a sight, and must look a little odd, as I left it strapped securely to my bike as I loaded it onto the front of the bus.

Weather permitting, I plan on hitting the monday night recovery ride yet again. I doubt I'll be able to get 200 miles in this month, which was my semi-official goal for myself going into March before the wreck. But, I'm less than 30 miles away from beating February's miles, which I still thought wouldn't be possible. If I just pull off another 5-day commute week, I'll match last month's 150 miles. If I do the ride tonight, and ride a little more this week, I stand a good chance of getting close to 180 miles. Heck, maybe even 200 if I really push it.

I know 200 miles in a month is small potatoes to some people, but I'm trying to set realistic goals for myself.


amidnightrider said...

Two hundred is small potatos to some and a phenominal amount to others. It's all relative.

However, too many bagles can undo months of riding, if you don't do enough.

Noah said...

Yah, I'm going to eat one, and I'll have to be careful doing that, as I don't think my new dull front teeth caps are designed for bagel chewing.

There's approximately one bagel per human on my floor.

Usually someone brings donuts in. You think bagels can un-do months of riding? One donut is enough calories for a half-hour of moderate exertion workout (such as cycling, jogging on a treadmill, etc). Basically, one donut could fuel my shortest possible round-trip bike commute all by itself. :eek:

I'm hoping some people on my floor appreciate the wholesome bagels over the gooey sugary donuts. We'll see.

Jamie said...

Don't sell yourself short on 200 miles a month. I do 3 miles a day for my commute, which comes out to an average of 66 miles a month. Even if I add some other trips to this, I'd still struggle to break 100. I still come out ahead!

Anonymous said...

I tried to pack my chili contest entry in to my gondolier-style bag (what I commute with) but wasn't confident it wouldn't bust open. Bummer.

It didn't win anyway, so I should have tried it.

If you're looking for more mileage: Does the return bus stop any sooner then the park and ride? Could you get off at a different stop and ride further? If not, could you take a different bus and ride a little further / different route home?

Noah said...

I often take a bit longer route home. The bus I ride doesn't stop any further from my apartment, but most weeknights that my wife is working, I'll take a different bus to JCCC (where she works) and hit a coffee shop en route to home. I also stretch my miles by running almost all local errands on two wheels instead of four. Tonight, for example, I'm going to ride home from the group ride spot. The group ride is usually about 10-12 miles. I'll pack another 12-15 or so onto that by the time you count riding from the A-route bus stop to the Trek store, and riding home from there, including a run for groceries.

VeloRoutes map of the main part of my trip home

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