Monday, February 26, 2007

That was a fun ride!

As you know, I rode about a mile to the Trek store (a little further once you count getting coffee and going back there). We wandered around all over the place on the Recovery Ride for about an hour, and it was a good time with more new (to me) faces. Finally, there was another cyclist that wasn't on a road bike, but I'm still the only newbie using platform pedals.

After the ride, some of the people helped me plan a route to get back to JCCC. I ended up taking Nieman to Marshall through some residential/industrial areas. As it turns out, that whole stretch is basically a low-traffic frontage road for Interstate 35. I took that to Pflumm and crossed under I-35 that way, down to College Blvd and east. It was a really easy-going trip. Nieman's a bit torn up through the industrial areas, but there was a lot of speed to be had, with some really fun curves. It's definitely a great way to get further south from the Shawnee Mission Parkway corridor.

In true Noah form, I Velorouted my adventure tonight:

Click here for map


amidnightrider said...

Group rides. It must be getting milder in KC. Did your riding friends admire you or feel bad for you riding platforms? 8>)

The streets on your routes are so organized and perfectly square. As opposed to mine

New York city is a great place to ride when they close all the roads for you. Last year there were 30,000 riders. It was a hoot to see pedestrians trying to cross Avenue of the Americas at the start. Bikes to the horizon. he he.

amidnightrider said...

I get a pass on that link because it's early, right?

Here is my route

Noah said...

No one said anything about my platforms. I'll go clipless one of these days.

Honestly, the average pace of this ride is about 10-12 miles per hour. I should bring out my Sorrento with knobbies next time just for giggles.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun evening.... I was winging my way to Indy to help people play big brother with their email, so I didn't get to come out and enjoy the ride.

There's a 43 miler Sat --- gonna bundle up and give it a go!!

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