Monday, December 18, 2006

Power & Light District Construction

Pictured: Construction on Sprint Center and the rest of the Kansas City Power & Light District. This project, once complete, should help the infrastructure of Kansas City for those who don't own or choose not to use a car.

I swung by that place for coffee again, and noticed how far along Sprint Center has come. While I really don't care about the sports arena itself, the new KC Star building and Sprint Center represent significant changes to Kansas City. I'm hoping that with the new Power & Light district, will come several commodities that suburbanites like me take for granted, such as a grocery store and shops that sell other necessities of living. Suddenly, housing downtown has taken off with the opening of many loft apartments, but people still need to find parking, and cars are still needed for everyday tasks because of the lack of infrastructure downtown.

Aside from getting a mediocre mocha and a breathtaking view of urban blight being transformed against a sunrise backdrop, there wasn't a whole lot out of the ordinary this morning. I plan on riding the Sorrento all this week because of the forecast of snow. It's amazing how different it is to ride a bike that's a few pounds heavier, with a set of inefficient off-road tires. It's almost enough to make me consider adding a road bike to my stable once spring-time gets here.

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