Friday, December 29, 2006

Pee Pee Time!

Photo: I rode my bike to Red Lobster. I'm meeting my wife here to celebrate. Yes, I'm posting from the parking lot of Red Lobster. I am a nerd.

I got a call from the HR department for the company I've been contracting at for the past six months or so. They have gotten full approval for me to start work as a full-time associate on Jan. 8th. This is awesome news! I was concerned that I'd take a pay hit because of the benefits package that they offer, but I actually ended up getting the benefits AND a raise to go with it! Basically, they're going to end up paying for extra benefits for my wife (like insurance) all things said and done.

So, I'm keeping my commute. I would still like to ride from Olathe to downtown (or back home from downtown) one time per week once I get my endurance up and the weather gets nice.

On with formalities. The UA Drug Screen. Oh noes!!!! I haven't even lit up a cigarette before, so I wasn't the least bit concerned, so long as copious amount of caffeine didn't disqualify me.

I got an "A", by the way :)

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