Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I got coffee. Kind of.

As you can see, I switched over to the Outlook this morning. It stayed above freezing all night, so the slicks should be okay. After riding the heavier Sorrento with slow knobby tires, the Outlook felt like greased lightning today, even though I had dialed in the rear derailleur incorrectly. I have it adjusted to use the lower 7 of the 8 gears on the rear cluster, so I can't actually hit my 11-tooth top gear until I re-adjust it. Damn the 7-speed RD!

The bus made good time, so I stopped at Starbucks for a mocha. I'm usually a dark-roast french-pressed coffee drinker, but the occasional mocha just hits the spot. Unfortunately, all coffee shops downtown serve either mediocre drinks or toxic swill. Starbucks, while probably the largest coffee chain in the US, does not have the best coffee. They have predictably mediocre coffee that happens to be the best of all the mediocre coffee downtown. You could say I've been spoiled by one of the midwest's top baristas -- Sandy, the lead barista at javajazz has taken several awards including my own personal "best quad-venti mocha in the universe" seal of approval. That said, I still enjoyed my mocha this morning.

Other than actually having time to snag a warm treat before work, the trip in was pretty bland.

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