Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Found a nice bike shop downtown

It looks like their website is offline, so I can't link to it, but I swung by River Market Cyclery (on 3rd street between Grand and Oak) today over lunch. They have an impressive selection of bikes and accessories. The customer floor is pretty big for being downtown, and it's organized without a lot of clutter. The manager informed me that they just started carrying Cannondale, so expect some new bikes to show up soon! From my limited time there, I was seeing Schwinn, Giant, GT, and other well-known brands. They seem to be targeting the midrange-savvy recreational mountain bikers and urban commuters. I didn't notice a lot of road bikes, but saw some sweet singlespeeds and quasi-recumbent chopper bikes among the hybrids and mountain bikes.

If you work or live downtown, it's worth the jaunt. They have pretty much everything you'd need in a local bike shop, including installation and repair mechanics.


Anonymous said...

Cool on the bike shop, especially one that carries Cannondales. I'm fond of them and my old bike shop decided not to carry them any more (ok, corporate decided).

Congrats on the hopeful extension. Nice reading of your columns.

Eric Rogers said...

I'm a big fan of River Market Cyclery. They've been there for years and have some top-notch mechanics. Also one of the bigger clothing departments.

There is another bike shop Downtown. A couple years ago Acme Bicycle Co. moved from Joco to 18th and Locuts in the Crossroads District. They specialize in custom-made bikes, as well as used bikes.

Anonymous said...

RMC is awesome.

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