Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The Lortab does nothing. But I'm feeling a bit better this morning.

Last night, I decided I'd see what it took to get The Goat back into action. Last time I rode it, the rear wheel was so wobbly that it felt like it was going to buck me right off. Doing the age-old "brake calipers as a truing stand" trick, I found out that the wheel itself wasn't too bad. But on one side of the tire, the bead was fraying, allowing the tire to bulge out enough to cause significant wobblation. Wobblage. Wabblitude. Whatever.

I kludged the bike by unceremoniously clawing the tattered tread from the wheel and throwing one of those crappy Kenda ATB tires on in its stead. It worked well enough, and the upright mountain bike posture was a refreshing reprieve for my dolorous deltoid.

Sorry for the camera-phone photo. I accidentally left my Canon on the tripod after trying in vain to capture images from the Perseid shower last night.


BluesCat said...

Shortly, I'm going to be replacing the MTB tires on my Giant Yukon with a set of Serfas Drifters. My Yukon looks a lot like your "Goat."

David Hogeboom said...

What kinda panniers are you riding there?

Noah said...

Dang. In May 2008, I bought them, and I promised a product review. I've never gotten around to it. They are the LaSalle model by Axiom. Look for a product review post today or tomorrow. In short: I love them, but they have their quirks (as would any pannier)

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