Thursday, August 06, 2009

Catching up

Work has been crazy this week from just missing a few days. Couple that with my wife's surgery today (and another day off, but I wouldn't call it fun) and yeah, this month has been busy even though it's just begun.

I threw together this video of my Vegas trip. It's a bunch of photos (sorry for all the Ken Burns zooms) and some video clips from DefCon 17 in Las Vegas. I took almost all of these, but owe a tip of the hat to Dan Spisak as well as Axel Taferner & Amber Baldet for some of these, because they captured some things at DefCon I missed. Check out their photo streams as well.

This was my 6th time going to DefCon in the last 11 years. I tried to capture the spirit of DefCon with this. I feel this video represents the things you can expect to see there.

DefCon 17 from Noah on Vimeo.

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