Thursday, May 07, 2009

Update: The Midnight Ride alternative

I still have a plan. And it might work out. Here's where things stand:

I'm in talks with the owners of some cave space near midtown. Right now, they seem amicable, but I don't have any solid word on if we can use their cave as part of our route. We may all have to sign waivers. I'm cool with that if it means I get to ride through some caves!

There are about 10-15 people showing interest in this alternative ride and only 6 or 7 definites. I'd like more.

Right now, this looks to be a FREE event, except for the cost of food at the end. You'll have to pay for that. I don't think we'll have to pay to ride through the caves.

The route will be 15 miles or so, maybe closer to 20 by the time we include a stop by Denny's or IHOP at the end of the route (near the start/finish point)

I'll keep you posted. We will ride at midnight. Mark my words. I just hope we have caves to go through!


Darius said...

What is the date?

Gabe said...

Noah, JR told me about this, it sounds like fun. When are you doing this? I want in on this ride.

Do you have more details?


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