Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Bike Week '09: Morning Commuter Convoy!

The Bike Commuter Convoy is making a comeback for Bike Week.

Starting just a few blocks from I-35 and 87th St. Parkway, we will ride to downtown Kansas City, MO. At a beginner-friendly pace, this ride takes about an hour and 15 minutes with a distance of about 14 miles. A decent "commuter pace" will get us downtown in about an hour flat. The slowest rider will set the pace, and we'll stick together with re-groups if needed. Those who know the route can feel free to take off at their own pace, however.

When: All weekday mornings during bike week (Mon-Fri)
Time: We will depart at 6:00 AM SHARP
Where: Parking lot on the west side of Quivira,
between 87th St. Pkwy and Monrovia/85th.

What to bring:

  • Your bike
  • Anything you need for work
  • At least a rear flashing light
Also recommended:
  • Reflective or bright-colored clothing
  • Helmet
  • Hydration of some variety
North on Quivira to 79th St.
East on 79th St. to Nieman Rd.
North on Nieman Rd. to 67th St.
East on 67th St. to Carter (just east of Animal Haven and the RR Tracks)
North on Carter to Merriam Dr.
North/Northeast on Merriam Dr. / Southwest Blvd to KCMO

I will take Southwest Blvd to Main to get into the heart of Downtown KCMO

No RSVP needed, but I wouldn't mind if you drop me a line and tell me you're in or ask any questions. Otherwise, please be present and ready to ride by 6:00.

Return Trip:
Bike Week will be kind of crazy for me and my return commute schedule could get a little unpredictable. I can help you find people to ride along with if you're unsure about the homeward trip. Alternatively, TheJO will get you pretty close to the start-point and the buses have racks that can carry 2 bicycles.

D Route: Drops off at 85th and Quivira DIRECTLY AT the start point
L Route: Drops off at Oak Park Mall less than 2 miles south of the start point
A Route: Drops off at 85th and Quivira, about 3 miles east of the start point

Weather Provisions:
If rain looks imminent for the morning commute, I will call off the ride. The D bus will still barrel through at about 6:20 AM if you feel like taking the bus with your bike. It can only hold two bikes, though.

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