Thursday, May 07, 2009

Arthur Bryant's for lunch with the RoadTwippers

I went to lunch with some of Kansas City's Social Media Butterflies and the RoadTwip crew, who are in the midst of a two-week-long road trip of the eastern part of the US. They breezed into town dark and early this morning, crashed for a few hours of sleep, ate lunch and saw some sights around KC, then took off to Nebraska for the BIGOmaha conference.

Arthur Bryant's has some great BBQ. They have no bike parking.

Here Jonathan Dingman is beta-testing Qik, a web streaming application. It's not officially out for the iPhone yet. Here, he was uploading live video of Jolie O'Dell giving a terse update on their road trip so far. You can view that update here. You can also follow the RoadTwip via their blog, and check out a post that was made on ReadWriteWeb (which features my ugly, fat mug)

I didn't get many photos, as I left my camera in the office. Lame. After lunch, Jolie and Kurt Daradics (also on the road trip) wanted to interview me Guerrilla Web 2.0 style to talk about bicycle commuting and some other stuff. It was a good time!

I haven't aired my tires up in over a week. They were feeling squishy this afternoon. Tip: If you rely on your bike, always keep a pump or CO2 with you, even if you don't carry any other tools.

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