Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bike Week is near!

I'm not sure who did it or when, but somehow the bike advocacy community in Kansas City pulled together and made Bike Week work! Check out the Calendar of Events, and see how many car trips you can replace with a bike ride next week (or all summer long, if it tickles your fancy!)

In 2007, bike week kind of threw the switch for me. I'd say that was probably the point where I started looking at my bike as my primary vehicle. Before then, I would ask "is it really logical to use my bike for this?" and afterward, I found myself reaching for the bike first unless there was a compelling reason to drive because in my situation, it really is more logical to ride my bike most places.

I rode home along with Karen last night, and we saw a few other cyclists on the road, including one guy in textbook commuter regalia (polo shirt, khaki pants, big backpack) riding along Southwest Boulevard. It was a bit windy out, but an excellent afternoon to be on a bike. When I got home, my wife and I took supper to Shawnee Mission Park to enjoy the evening.

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David Glandon said...

I hope you, or others, don't mind but I printed out the schedule. I do not know of any events like these in our city. But with this schedule as an outline, maybe we can do something next year.

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