Thursday, April 09, 2009

On your left.

Cue the dramatic Jaws music...

This lady must have thought I said "move left" because she moved left. Fortunately, I wasn't going too fast.

On your left.

On your l...WHAT IN THE HELL?!

The driver of this thing was actually cleaning up trash and otherwise maintaining the trail. I do catch the occasional Mo-Ped on these trails though.

Tea Time.


amidnightrider said...

Ha! Your lucky becaue it could have been one of the Banana Splits.

Matt said...

You need to get yourself a bell.

Anonymous said...

That driver looks pretty fat from this angle.

Never heard of a trailer I guess.

Yet another example of our over-dependence on motorized transportation making our country obese and sick.

TQuid said...

+1 . . . I just ding my cute brass bell a good ways back and let them react how they want, just so they know I'm there and they get a little more predictably.

Unless they are listening to their cell or ipod or whatever, then I just stick my frame pump between their legs so they fall over.

TQuid said...

A little more predictable. Predictable. No coffee yet.

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