Monday, April 13, 2009

R.I.P.s, Resurrections and Miscellany

Two Bicycle website R.I.P.s came across my radar this weekend:
Rick Smith announced that Yehuda Moon -- my favorite (only?) bicycle web-comic -- is closing shop for a while. R.I.P.

A vague post on Blue Collar MTB leads me to believe that all the Crooked Cog sites' days are numbered. That includes Commute By Bike. R.I.P.

I suppose that means that as the nice weather picks up, you'll be seeing more of my Tricks of the Trade and Product Reviews right here for the time being unless someone else (ahem) wants to snag me up.

Good Friday -- Oddly enough an R.I.P. in and of itself -- was last week. Like any other banking holiday, my company was closed. I had some business to attend to at a local retirement home 2 miles away from my place, but not an R.I.P.

Unrelated side-note: My great-grandfather died in 1991 at this retirement home at the age of 107! An avid mycologist by hobby, he wrote at least one book on mushrooms. He was also the oldest person to ever carry the Olympic torch, at age 99 in the 1984 Olympics. This event and his name were even mentioned by Ronald Reagan at the 1984 RNC. I miss him, but I'm glad he lasted long enough for me to remember him. R.I.P.

My wife and I went to the pet store on Friday as well. Not surprisingly, ducklings and bunnies were selling like hot-cakes. I'm not entirely sure what one would do with a full-grown duck as a pet. I suppose you'd just let it fly off. It would be pretty hard to keep one indoors.

I rode to Easter morning service, which was held at The Commons. It's an 11 mile trip in each direction. I only barely missed the rain on my way home. I carried about a 16 MPH average both directions, including stopped time. It feels good to finally see some of my speed coming back a little at a time.

Later, my wife and I drove down to my parents' place for a late Easter lunch.

This morning: Cold and wet. Half-way to the bus stop, I watched as my phone fell out of my jacket, bouncing and skidding along the wet pavement for a few dozen yards. The past few four-day work-weeks have me spoiled and I feel a serious case of the Mondays coming on.


Anonymous said...

Say it's not so, Rick!! I just got a Yehuda shirt for my birthday last month. Oh the humanity. :(


Anonymous said...

I don't know what happens to the ducks, but alas, they cannot just fly off. they're not wild ducks--they're domestic breeds. they can't survive in the wild.

I do know what happens to the bunnies. most end up in shelters--those that live long enough.

Noah said...

Indeed. I call it "Kitten Syndrome" - people think kittens are so cute and adopt one from a friend or co-worker: A myopic decision that effectively enters them into a 10-20 year contract.

For people like me who are ready, able, and excited about the responsibilities of caring for an animal, it's not a huge deal. Usually, though, parents let their kids hoodwink them into believing that the child will be able to care for the animal. Yeah, right.

Unfortunately, "Kitten Syndrome" isn't just for kittens. As you've mentioned, it affects easter pets like the ones we've discussed here. It also encompasses baby humans as well.

Indeed, it sickens me to see irresponsible people get themselves into these situations where the one they're supposed to take care of suffers, all because "it's sooooooo cute!"

I've participated in virtually all lifecycle aspects of various rodents, fish, cats, and lagomorphs and have taken care of several fowl. I love animals, but people should realize that they are hard work and require dedication.

Unfortunately, regardless of species and particularly with the baby humans, the solutions to "kitten syndrome" are not only very complicated, they're very controversial as well.

Noah said...

And just to make it clear, we didn't buy any new pets at the pet store. I've just never had the opportunity to hold a duckling before, so I coddled that one while snapping a photo with my phone.

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