Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I think it might be here! It got up to about 70 degrees today. Watch, I probably just jinx'd it.

Security: You're doing it wrong! Actually, there are some locks in the door as well, so these chintzy padlocks aren't too helpful anyway. They've been like this for days, though.

87th St. Bridge

Our praise team had a BBQ at The Commons (the closest thing we have to a fellowship hall, it's a refurbished house). We played a game I'd never before seen. My friends tell me it's "Hillbilly Golf". The guy throwing is our new associate pastor, Steve. He was a year ahead of me in high school. We were in choir and a few other extracirricular groups together.

I suck at Hillbilly Golf.

This is Peanut, my pastor's family dog. Peanut is not amused that we're indoors munching on Steve's smoked BBQ brisket while he's outside.



Anonymous said...

70 degrees!! Whoo hoo!! When does the "winter edition" logo come off?

Hillbilly golf. FUN

Smoked brisket. YUM

Have a great Easter weekend!


Anonymous said...

70? Wow, lucky! I put my shorts on at 40 and get all excited. Good for you man!

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