Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February Weather?

Crazy weather. It's 70 degrees this afternoon. I really, really miss The Twelve. Friday is payday, and repairs shall be done.

This is a weather telemetry tower thing. I'm a weather nerd. I believe the device shown below is a computerized rain gauge that simply senses how much precip passes between the sensors.

This is what happens when you walk next to a mirror-glass building with bright sun almost directly behind you. The taper of the shadow makes me look like the Michelin Man. Okay, maybe it's not only due to the shadow... :(

There were lots of folks out on bikes today. No surprise, as nice as it is. This is really February still?!

Oh, I tried Safari 4 Beta. It's still b0rk. It's okay, I have some geeky/security plugins for Firefox that I really like to keep around anyway.

Random Tunage:
Rachel Starr - Till There Was You
Prodigy - Narayan


Anonymous said...


I thought blogger did that so you could not take copyright material off the web.

Its just a flaw with Safari?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a while. I live in southeast Kansas and this weather has been crazy.

Also, my version of Safari 3 does that too. But it doesn't if you switch over to HTML editing mode.

Best wishes.

Noah said...

Yah, it's only Safari, and yes it works in HTML mode, but it's still annoying. Both Safari 3 and 4 do the same thing. Other than that, Safari 4 is really fast, but just not what I'm looking for.

Jon said...

What all do you need to do to the Twelve?

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