Thursday, February 26, 2009


This morning: 50 Degrees, light rain. Shorts weather!

Photo: the D bus pulling up to the bus stop this morning.

I had lunch at Jimmy John's with Lorin. He's in frame somewhere... Temps well in the 60s, Balmy. Light breeze. Pleasant.

Temps plummeted, sharply crossing the dew point and leaving a thick residue on everything. The pavement was sweating and my bike was dripping when I got out of work this evening.

Once I got out into the street, I was confronted with a baleful, stubborn west wind gusting up to 25 MPH. The cold front has arrived! Right now, it's already in the 20's and still dropping. The 70 degree huzzah was just Mother Nature teasing us again. We could even be in for a light dusting of snow this weekend.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Snow!!? Say it ain't so! I've got a heavily used shovel that you can borrow when I'm done with it in 2 months time.....Lord willing. :)

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