Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A day off, and a funky schedule

Tuesday night, I used my Jornada to scan for wireless networks on the way home.

The hospital's not even 3 miles from our apartment, so you can imagine my surprise to find more than 300 wireless networks along the way.

I took the day off yesterday, as it'd been my wife's third day in the hospital. I was pretty sure they'd discharge her, too. I wanted to be there with her, and not leave her hanging for hours waiting for me to come pick her up if she was released.

While there, I saw the parking lot "courtesy car" - a driver will take you out to your car if you're disabled, lazy, or parked in the bowels of hell. This is a slow, 100% electric car. Too bad that means that aside from Wolf Creek and Callaway (which I once photographed from afar on a road trip) the biggest power plants in the region are all coal-burning. For all intents and purposes, this is a coal-powered car plagued by the combined inefficiencies in power generation, transport, conversion to-and-from direct current, heat losses during battery recharging and probably some other fun stuff I'm forgetting. Go Green!

Playing with Fennec (Mozilla browser for mobile platforms) on my Mac while enjoying the remaining afternoon after bringing my wife home. Does anyone want a 32-hole Tiagra rear hub (shown below) without many miles on it? I'll sell it cheap!

Always on the lookout for irony, the below showed up in my google reader last night. It's a link to a (not work-safe language) video from The Onion (a satire site) about the latest Sony device that doesn't work. The fun begins when Google places a Sony ad at the bottom of the story.

This morning? Cold and rainy. As you may know, Rain and temperatures below 50 are pretty much the only weather I really hate riding in, but I do it anyway. One more day, and I'm off until next Tuesday! The weather doesn't look too promising this weekend, though.

Random Tunage:
Vengaboys - We Like To Party
Binary Finary - 1999


Anonymous said...


Forgive me if it is private but I have noticed that your wife is in the hospital a lot and I've never read why?

Is that something you can share?

Noah said...

She smoked for a very long time and has heart and lung problems because of that. Even though she quit almost a year ago, her health has been going downhill.

I'll just leave it at "a lot of bizarre medical problems" because the docs have still been unable to pin her symptoms down to a specific illness.

Ray Craighead said...

Sorry about your wife's illness. I will remember to pray for her.

Yes, I road this morning and it was not particularly "fun" (especially after last night's great weather). Some morning I'll have to get up "early" and meet you for the ride in.

Noah said...

And in an even more bizarre fit of irony, an ad is showing at the bottom of this post about making your own electric (ahem, coal-powered) cars. Awesome.

Noah said...

Ray, My roadie is out of commission for the time being, so I've been wimping out and taking the bus both ways. I have a line on a good friend who can build a new rear wheel up for me, so maybe I'll be back on the road doing the whole trip a little more often in a few weeks.

Ray Craighead said...

I see. I'll check with you later.

Sefauna said...

Thanks for the prayers, I started my own blog today, it lists the medical issues I have endured. I know I been in and out of the hospital A LOT, and I'm so frustrated at the system! Here's my blog

Pat Ring said...

I hope your wife is doing OK.

I wanted to comment on the electric car. While I agree that the green factor of the electric car is largely diminished by coal-burning power plants, they may have an electric car just so they don't have to mess with gas. Green or not, plugging that thing in is probably a lot less of a hassle than trying to get gas to the vehicle. They may not have a "green" agenda at all.

Noah said...

I just like to laugh at the whole "green" thing. :P

You're right. From a logistics standpoint, yes, this car thingy makes a lot of sense. It really is just a fancy-looking golf cart that can go quite a bit faster than the ones at the course. As we know, electric golf carts are used frequently for utility purposes just like this.

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