Monday, February 09, 2009

Crazy Weak-End, Eerie Moon

Friday Night (8pm), some friends and I showed up at Pizza Man for some supper. They were closed. How does a pizza place stay afloat with crappy business hours like this?

Might be layoffs in this economy, hard telling. We took our business to Stonewall Inn next door. They have good pizza, too.

Over the weekend, I subscribed to Freecycle. Their "application process" made me laugh, so I had fun with my answers to their silly questions.

Weak-end work at the office early Sunday morning. I left the lights off. I wish it was this dark in my office all the time. It would be much easier on my eyes.

Wife's back in the hospital. That Roadmaster that's laying down isn't locked. Still, I'd be willing to bet if a bike thief came along, my cable lock would be cut, my bike would be gone, and that damn roadmaster would still be there. There's a window overlooking it and a security camera right there as well.

My friend hevnsnt wrote "Inside programmable road signs" and then people started "hacking" road signs everywhere. This made front page news on, cnn and several others. Friday night, I saw it on my phone's web browser start page. Fame.

Folding laundry last night. My "helpers" fail. Warm Clothes = sleepy kitties.

I couldn't believe how incredibly beautiful it was this morning, save for the wind. I was in short sleeves. The moon was hiding in the fast-moving clouds.

Here's an up-close shot. I had to either get the detail in the moon and kill off the clouds, or wash the moon out and show how eerie the sky was. The clouds were moving way too fast for HDR.

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Anonymous said...

Short sleeve riding in February! You're living the dream.

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