Tuesday, January 06, 2009

That was a blast!

As I posted last night, Jason rode along my route this morning. While I enjoy the hour of solitude that my commute has been offering me lately, sometimes it's nice to have someone to talk to along the way, and I don't think I've seen Jason in person since maybe September when he gave me one of his old tail lights to use, and that was only for a few minutes.

By the way, I love reflective sidewalls.

I saw this in a used car parking lot on Southwest Blvd. Cars-R-Coffins? I hope everyone was okay after whatever caused this.

Jason usually takes a southern route into Kansas City, KS and ends up on Belinder Ave, a relatively flat road to get to work. This morning, he had to slog up the hill by Rainbow to get to 39th St. from Southwest Blvd. I felt bad for him, so I subjected myself to my own favorite slog: Summit. It earns its name, but it's hard to see just how long and steep it is in a photograph.

I was, of course, rewarded with a breathtaking view of KC's skyline, which I've photographed many times before. This was from this morning, but it looks similar to the others I've taken from the same spot.

A little bit of a zoom on the Argus building.

Lorin doesn't much care for flash photos early in the morning. He's saying "read between the lines!" here. JR is peeking his head into the photo as well. I had another photo of both of them (which provoked the profound gesture captured here) but it came out blurry: Autofocus fail.

Random Tunage:
Armin Van Buuren - Going Wrong
Fluke - Dirty Little Mouth


Sirrus Rider said...

Lorin, must be my long lost brother or something. "Read between the lines" is something I'm always saying and implying with three raised fingers.

Jason said...

I also enjoyed the ride! Its nice changing things up. I'll have to try riding summit someday! Hills only make us stronger! :) We should try this again next week.

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