Monday, January 05, 2009

My fave photos of '08

Since my wife bought me the Canon PowerShot A530 for Christmas in 2006, I've taken more than 8,000 photos with it. It goes almost everywhere with me, and I love it. If I have to replace it, it'll probably be with another Canon. Furthermore, if I ever go DSLR, it'll also likely be a Canon.

This took me a while. I uploaded nearly 1,900 photos to Flickr in 2008. I had most of the below in mind, but I had to wade through my photos to find them. Yes, there might be some repeats between this post and the most popular photos of '08.

Taken the first night I was in Vegas for DefCon 16. I went for a somewhat long exposure, then shot this by holding the camera against my chest and panning my body with the silver car. I think it came out great -- much better than I was expecting. I was just goofing off.

Element Six Triathlon bike. This was taken at Tienda Casa Paloma after a Monday night recovery ride. I actually got the whole bicycle in frame, but I felt like making it black & white and cropping it. I don't have the original photo anymore, but believe me when I say that this is a much, much better composition than the original.

Contrail. I was riding my bike to the grocery store and noticed a jetliner overhead. It was getting dark out, so I cranked the ISO up a bit. It still needed some post-processing. I think I just adjusted the white balance in iPhoto after taking this shot.

Monday night blur. I set the camera on the curb and opened the shutter for 15 seconds as the Monday Night Ride peloton cruised past.

Kansas City Skyline. After slogging up Summit, I took this photo on the bridge over I-70 near the FBI's KC Compound. No HDR, no tripod. I just set the camera on the ledge of the bridge. I do believe I adjusted the white balance in iPhoto for this one, too.

Straight up the obelisk. There was this indescribable obelisk-like structure on Mission in San Francisco when I flew out for IT Security World. I put my camera on the sidewalk beneath it, set the timer, and got out of the way.

Moon over the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Same night as the above photo.

Wheeee! Taken on one of the fastest descents on the 200k in June.

Raining on Turkey Creek. I like the depth of field effect and the composition. I had to straighten this one out in iPhoto while cropping it, because the rock I rested the camera on wasn't level.

Light show at JCCC. This is where I used to work from 1997 to 2006. This part wasn't finished yet, though. I need to tell the guys there to try to make it display Conway's Game Of Life. Usually, it's just ripping through some pseudo-random light show. I took this one night after dropping my wife off at work.


Anonymous said...

what's your camera model and do you add any software to the camera like CHDK?

Noah said...

I said in the first paragraph of the post it's a Powershot A530 :P And yes, I use CHDK to help me fine-tune the exposures, script the bracketing and otherwise turn a modest point-and-shoot into something a little more useful

Jason said...

I just love the Summit photo. You're right, it would be worth that climb!!

Apertome said...

I love the range of shots here. I also think it's interesting that several of these are night shots, it can be tricky to get those to turn out well.

Lovely shots, all of them. I dig the cropping you did on the tri bike.

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