Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More groceries, wild photos

My wife and I baked a pretty big turkey last night. I decided to take a crack at turning the throw-away stuff into a soup base by boiling it. To crank up the flavor, though, I needed some veggies!

I got some basics, just carrots, onions and celery at the store. I cut the carrots and celery into spears, throwing the leftover hearts, ends, peels and stems into the pot for flavor with water, bay leaves, other spices and of course all the gross turkey stuff that you wouldn't normally eat. It smells great, but looks pretty disgusting while it's cooking.

I found an old tripod a few days ago. On my way home from getting groceries, I had the tripod strapped to the top of the panniers and set my camera on a timer mode. None of the photos were awesome in quality, but some were interesting enough to share.

Another awesome sunset.


Apertome said...

Cool photos, I've thought about doing something similar, but there is no way to make my camera take a photo ever x minutes / seconds. Alas. I assume you used the hack on your Canon to do so?

Noah said...

No, there are 5 drive modes thus:
Single Shot (normal), Continuous (Rapid fire when you hold shutter release), 10-second delay, 2-second delay, and "custom timer".

Custom timer gives you a menu:
Initial Delay: 0s-10s, 15s, 20s, 30s
Shots: 1-10 in a row (all rapid fire, like the continuous mode without holding the shutter release)

I just set it for 10 second delay and 10 shots in a row, occasionally reached back to hit the shutter release on my ride, then chose some of my favorites from each burst to share.

Noah said...

To clarify, I could set up a wicked intervalometer script with CHDK to capture my entire ride every 5 seconds or something, but I actually didn't use any special features that weren't included with my camera's default firmware for these shots.

Darius said...

My camera (Canon PowerShot SD750) will take video and has a setting for Time Lapse and can shoot one frame every second or one frame every 2 seconds. That might have an interested effect on a ride. May have to rig that up...

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