Monday, January 05, 2009

Anyone for a convoy in the morning (Tuesday AM)

Short notice, but Jason and I will be riding in tomorrow morning. We'll meet at the intersection of 85th and Quivira around 5:30 (I know, dark and early). It should be about 25-30 degrees. Great weather for a ride.

On the way home:

Parallel Parking Fail. I've written about these types before.

Groceries. Panniers make much better sustainable grocery bags than so-called "green" bags that are made in a sweat shop out of petroleum-based synthetic materials and sent here from China on a fuel-hungry cargo ship.

Of course, my Axiom panniers are probably also made in a Chinese sweat shop, and I can verify they're also made of petroleum-based synthetic materials, but somehow the fact that they snap onto my bike makes it okay to be a smug, holier-than-thou curmudgeon about things like this.


Noah said...

I should add to this that my smugness comes from the fact that my heart simply does not ache for the environment. I bought the Axiom bags because they were a reasonable price and seemed to do what I want them to do. I would have bought them regardless if they were made using slave labor and made out of baby seal skin, or hand-woven at a local commune from sustainable organic hemp.

Meanwhile, "Green Bags" boggle my mind. Sure, some people probably buy them because they just need a bag to tote stuff (and groceries) around with, but it's not like they're made of recycled plastic grocery sacks. Most of the people who buy the ones I linked to are either ignorant to the way they're made, or don't care about the environment so much as they care about LOOKING like they care about the environment. Either way, I have to poke fun.

Anonymous said...

oh No! please don't make riding a bike a source of Smug. As the Southpark episode demonstrates, Smug can cause massive devastation.

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