Friday, December 12, 2008

Bike Saddle Tripod

I really need to invest in a Gorillapod or another small, highly-adaptable tripod like it. This morning, my bike saddle was the only thing I could use. I tried to capture the bright, full moon. The street lights washed the sky out too much. It's probably a junk photo but I thought I'd share anyways.

Also, at the suggestion of some readers, I made a composite of the sunset HDR against one of the original photos. The sky is from the HDR. The buildings are from an original photograph with modified levels in GIMP. The frozen water is the HDR toned down using a partially transparent layer from the same photo the buildings are taken from. I think it looks a little less extreme.

Yesterday was the judging contest of the office decorations. Each aisle had the opportunity to participate. My group didn't do this, but it was pretty clever:

That's a monitor inside an old cardboard box that's showing a fireplace screensaver (complete with crackling fire noises). Finished off with some real roasted marshmallows. My explosive elf just couldn't compete, even though the ladies did decorate quite a bit more after I took those photos. We got second place.

Random Tunage:
Alanis Morissette - Thank U
Finger Eleven - One Thing


Apertome said...

If you get a Gorillapod, I suggest getting the SLR version, even for your point & shoot. I have the P&S version and it's awfully flimsy. I haven't been too impressed with it, but then again I usually don't take the time to set up the Gorillapod. I should leave it attached to the camera more often, then I would surely use it.

Miguel said...

I have an Ultrapod II and use the velcro strap to cinch the tripod to the stem of my bike. I put a Canon G9 on it. Works nicely.

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