Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Frozen Lake, Vibrant Sunset

HDR Composite of 5 shots. The sky actually did look almost that colorful. It's too bad the rest of the photo came out looking cartoony.

I always think it's funny watching geese attempt to walk across ice. They do a pretty good job considering the anatomy of their feet. They do slide around quite a bit, though. Coming up the stairs from the parking lot and seeing this view, I had to take pause for a moment and pull the camera out.

Temps were above freezing today only briefly, and back down to 30 by the time I got off the bus on Antioch. As I approached 87th St. from the back roads, I saw one cyclocross-race-gear-clad cyclist with a pretty beefy messenger bag. Likely commuting, but you just don't know. For those who don't like to ride in street clothes, the winter stay-warm gear for cyclocross is probably great for commuting up to an hour or two in the cold. Having never worn it myself, I wouldn't know, but I seem to see quite a bit of it in use among commuters and club riders alike, off the cyclocross course.

I just went outside a while ago, and the slush is re-freezing again. It's already 20 degrees outside, but we're not supposed to get nearly as cold as we did this morning. Stay safe out there!


Warren T said...

I think there'll be more ice today than yesterday with the refreeze. I'm trying to figure out a way that I can ride the XYZ to work and then ride the Trek home.

pedalGR said...

Perhaps he's going to be participating in the Cyclocross National Championships this weekend in KC. Are you going to be attending? I can only wish they could be that close.

Noah said...

Well, the guy is from KC. It was a cyclocross racing kit he was bundled up in, and that's Mark Thomas' team. Mark heads up the Monday night recovery ride that I go on most weeks. I probably know the guy from various rides around town, but all kitted cyclists look pretty much the same from 200 yards away. I recognized the kit, but the bike and rider didn't give anything away.

I may try to make it out to watch Nationals.

Sirrus Rider said...

"Hell hath frozen over!" It snowed here in Houston last night.

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