Sunday, December 14, 2008

Top Ten Content in 2008

Seems like my product reviews and Tricks Of The Trade are quite popular. Going over 2008's statistics, these were the most popular posts of mine this year (some were not written in 2008)

I have no idea how many people have gone out and bought (or avoided at all costs) the products I covered after reading my review, but I do know how many thousands of people have looked at them this year.

1) DiNotte 200L review
I tried pitching Rob Skaff at DiNotte to see if I could try some other DiNotte products on a review basis only (i.e. I would even send the demo units back) He never responded. This was far and away the most popular page on this site in 2008, particularly after the Daylight Saving Time switch-over.

2) Park Tool MTB-3 review
I bought the first one, and Dave got me a replacement after mine got stolen. It's come in handy on my own commute, as well as for helping others on the road side. I don't leave home without it.

3) Genuine Innovations Ultraflate review
Most of the problems I had with the Ultraflate are no longer an issue with the Ultraflate 2. I should probably do a follow-up.

4) Make your own studded ice tires
I'd only recommend doing this if you live somewhere that you won't actually ride directly on pavement for a sustained period of time. They work great on ice and hard-pack snow. They don't do any better than knobbies on loose snow, and they're down-right wretched on pavement. While it had a lot of hits for the cold season early in 2008, this posts's popularity has skyrocketed again in the past couple of weeks, boosting it to #4.

5) Mac Luv
Okay. I have no clue why this one keeps getting consistent traffic. It gets hit several times per day from image search engines.

6) Banjo Brothers Saddlebag review
The initial review was good, but later on, I started having a lot of problems keeping the seams from pulling apart. I still have them, but rarely use them. They've been to the seamstress a few times to get repaired.

7) Bontrager Hard-Case Tire pseudo-review
Conclusion: Good for commuting, bad for racing.

8) From the readers: Cold weather gear
This is a relatively new post that took off in popularity after I wrote it. A lot of people search for cold weather cycling attire, apparently.

9) Drying your grimy shoes
I had something to do with this, as I posted about it on CommuteByBike with a link to this post. That's where most of the traffic came from

10) My 1-year commute-a-versary post
Sadly, most of the hits come from people looking for weight loss from bicycle commuting. I didn't lose any significant weight in 2008. I came into 2008 a Clydesdale, and I'm going to leave 2008 a damn-near-clydesdale.


sallymander said...

Okay, so have you done a search for "macbook wallpaper"? Your image shows up on the web results on google ahead of all the standard serps and you are in the top 5 when you click the image search.

So, you've used perfect link text and repeated the terms "mac" "macbook" and "wallpaper" in the body *and* it's a cool pic. This is why you are getting consistent hits for your Mac Luv post. The only thing that might bump you higher would be to change the title tag, H1 to have the phrase "macbook wallpaper" and also add that to the alt text for the mbook.jpg image.

Anonymous said...

On my personal blog (non-bike related blog), I have a huge hit count generated from google images:


So I posted a somewhat humorous entry about a cop and his beloved cow (in more ways than one) and it usually comes up number high on the results for google images. Not sure why.

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