Monday, November 03, 2008

Quick this morning

I woke up at 5, but it felt like 6, and it looked like 6. I really wish that we'd just get rid of Daylight Saving Time already, but this morning, I was taking full advantage of it.

The cloudless sky was a gradient of amethyst, azure, slate and sapphire to onyx: simply incredible, and simply impossible to capture on the camera without some HDR trickery that I simply didn't have time for this morning.

I was quick this morning. Quicker than I've been in more than a month. Not a personal best, but a spunky start to the morning, with an 18.5 MPH average. I didn't ride much last week (about 35 miles) and I took it pretty easy yesterday. Between having fresh legs and a 10 MPH hind-quarter wind this morning, I was feeling good.

The demo crew has been slowly whittling away at the grain elevator on Southwest Boulevard behind Strasser Hardware. All the silos have been destroyed, leaving behind only a skeleton of the tower on the north side. Quite a few interior shots from this elevator (post-blight, pre-demolition, of course) are in one of aeionic's photosets on Flickr.

The Shopping Card was parked out in front of City Center Square again this morning, and I had the honor of watching its pilot snort two lines of blow some fifteen feet away from me, just prior to a five-minute-long episode of voiding his sinuses into what had to be three dozen Starbucks napkins. I'm still not entirely sure what to think about that. It breaks my heart. Pray for him.

Random Tunage:
Binary Finary - 1999
Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone (Jason Nevins Mixshow)

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