Monday, November 03, 2008

Wind and Sun

I brought some lunch back to the office, and took these on my way. This is the UtiliCorp building. It's one of my favorite pieces of architecture downtown. I've got more where this came from.

This is 710 Central. Decidedly more modern.

The wind and the sun were both directly at my face today for the homeward ride. I opted for the path when I got to it. The trees offer shelter from both sun and wind. The leaves make it hard to tell where the path was at times. Also: Letting your dog traipse around from hither to yon dragging a leash behind it does NOT mean you're in compliance with the leash laws.

I hit the Monday night ride and met a guy who's relatively new to bike commuting that wants to try a new route. I'll probably meet up with him in the morning and show him my usual route, which is wildly different than the way he's been taking. This was a 15-second exposure of the flyby of the entire group this evening.

1 comment:

Apertome said...

Great photos, I'm not sure how I missed these before. The long exposure is my favorite. It's hard to get those to work out well, but yours is awesome.

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