Sunday, November 02, 2008

Beautiful November Day!

52°F on my way out the door to church this morning. Just right toward the bottom of my "shorts weather" range, but high 60's on the return trip.

There was an expo of some sort at the Lenexa VFW.

"Hedge Apples" have many names (such as "Osage Orange") and they're practically an icon of autumn here in the great plains.

Bonus, I found a nice assortment of SAE Combination Box/Open-end wrenches scattered all over Pflumm Rd. I stopped to pick them up. The plastic pouch they came in was a few hundred feet up the road. They must have fallen off someone's truck. Most of my SAE wrenches got swiped during my auto shop class back in 1998. That's generally fine because most of the stuff I work on now requires only metric wrenches. Still, these will be a welcome addition to my tool box.


Sirrus Rider said...

Quite a score on those wrenches! They might not be metric, but in a situation where is all you have they'd be better than nothing

Jon said...

Road shwag is always good!

Anonymous said...

Leaves! You have leaves! Forget the tools. You have glorious leaves! Not only do we have no leaves on the trees but they are forcasting snow for Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday. The arrival of winter. I put the motorcycle into hibernation yesterday and plan to bicycle Monday and Tuesday to work. Fortunately, I have Wednesday off. That will give me some time for the psychological shift from easy commuting to "slogging it out" winter time riding. I don't need to find tools but I do need to find my Toque(ski hat).

Anonymous said...

Noah, awesome pics as always! Glad the missus is home!

John in Calgary, do you have a blog? Reading about biking in Calgary sounds interesting.


Apertome said...

I never seem to find stuff in the road. Maybe I need to pay more attention. Looks like a great day for a ride!

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