Saturday, August 09, 2008


Wish I had my bike out here. The bicycle police are out in full force. These guys got busted!

Random Las Vegas photography.

One of the DJs at the HackerPimps party last night:


Marko said...

YEAH CDJ-1000!

Anonymous said...

Why were these guys busted for riding bikes?

Noah said...

You don't understand. The cops were the ones on the bikes, and they were doing the busting. The people sitting on the truck bed were beyond inebriated. DUI For the lose.

Anonymous said...

I have always had trouble taking bike cops serious. I really appreciate the job that they are doing but they some times look like Batman went biking with there whole utility belt and everything.

Not that I have anything against kickstands but just imagine this authority figure coming up to you to 'discuss' your attitude but first hearing the *cher-kung!* of the kickstand. It just loses the whole affect they were going for.

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