Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ugh. Not today, either.

Getting recovered is taking me longer than I thought it would. I suppose I get what I deserve, as I was pretty hard on myself at DefCon:

  • Lots of walking in the dry heat means there was some dehydration
  • Drinking a little every night didn't help. Although, I only had about 2 drinks per day until Saturday night's party, where I was a VIP and had (and used) an open bar badge.
  • I wasn't eating enough or getting enough water
  • I was barely sleeping
  • From Phoenix to Kansas City, I sat on a cramped, stuffy Bombardier CRJ900. Not only was it cramped, but the APU was not working, so for the 45 minutes I sat on it before take-off, there was no air circulation or filtering at all.
I have a pretty good case of the airline crud, and it's not getting any better. I can't afford another sick day, so I am going to bus it again (probably both ways today) and I'll probably crash early tonight.

1 comment:

dvicci said...

Ugh. Hope you're back in the game soon. There has apparently been some crud going around here as well. I've not seen it, but I've heard of it, and have actually felt a little ick of my own. So far - Me: 1; Ick: 0.

Drink lots. Rest lots. Come back stronger.

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