Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hammer. *gasp* Fest. *pant* - new personal best

The skies were overcast this morning, and I was having trouble getting my shutter speed low enough to snap many non-blurry photos. So I hammered it.

My personal best average speed on Hybridzilla is 18.8 MPH by the time I hit Boulevard Brewery, but that time I had a backpack instead of panniers. My personal best to the brewery on The Twelve was 19.2 MPH average. After slogging into downtown, my PB was 17.3, which I've hit a few times on both bikes.

About halfway into my ride today, I'd gotten up to 18.2 MPH average.

By the time I reached Boulevard Brewery (where my route begins a general trend of climbing into downtown) I had gotten to 19.6 - almost half a mile per hour over my personal best average speed by this point in my commute.

Even after the slog, I was doing alright at 17.9 MPH average. That's again, about half a mile per hour faster.

Now, I had a great tune-up ride on the June Moon ride, and I had a rest day yesterday. This was basically a perfect storm for a record-breaker hammerfest. I had to take it.

Random Tunage:
Pole Folder - Waxxx
Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone (Jason Nevins Club Mix)


Jason said...

It looked like you hammering it on Nieman, I think? I was half asleep on the bus, but who ever it was, was really having a good ride!

Congrats on ur personal best!

Noah said...

I wondered whose bike that was on the front of the Quivira bus! Yeah, your bus passed me on Nieman as I approached 67th. I was already having a blast!

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