Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Brevet Bug Bites me...

Earlier today, I got a casual, last-second (okay, few days' notice) invite from c'Dude to come along on a 200k Brevet -- technically 217 km, a 135 mile event. I just kind of sat there, rubbing my goatee-covered chin for a few minutes. Then I replied. I really want to give this a shot.

I've done three full moon rides, all of them with commuterDude. Every time, I end up talking about Randonneuring a little. And it's always fascinated me a little bit. The truth is, I'd heard of the Paris-Brest-Paris and knew it was a 700+ mile endurance cycling event but I figured it was basically TdF for people who weren't professional racers. It wasn't until I started reading commuterDude's scattered observations from the saddle that I came to even know the words "Brevet" and "Randonneur", or that there were even events like this.

Also, much like commuting, touring and randonneuring have very few hard and fast rules on equipment. Brevets have strict time controls in place, and significant safety rules. Other than that, whether commuting, touring, or randonneuring, you ride whatever bike you want to ride, take along whatever you think you'll need to complete the task at hand, and do it.

Logic tells me that once you've ridden for two solid hours, it's just a matter of staying hydrated, fueled and focused. I've ridden for plenty longer than two hours at a time, but never more than 70 miles in a single chunk (with a few breaks of perhaps 5-10 minutes). Hybridzilla's certainly no touring bike, but she's got everything I need and most of what I want in a bike. I'd like some more hand positions, I guess. Other than that, I don't see why I couldn't pilot this machine for that kind of distance, versus my road bike. It can handle the miles. Now, do I have the chops for this? I don't know, but I know how to figure it out.


dvicci said...

"Now, do I have the chops for this?"

Of course you do! Like you said, after the first couple of hours, it's a matter of hydration and fuel. If your saddle is comfortable enough, that won't bother you, and it's nothing a few pedal stands won't fix.

When is it? I'd like to join you guys later this summer after the training dies down, and I have a more appropriate touring bike.

Noah said...

It starts Saturday June 28th at 3-Freaking-AM at a not-publicly-disclosed 10-20. You know how these guys are. :P

It's gonna be a blast.

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