Thursday, June 26, 2008

Helpful links for bicycle commuters

This is being posted in advance of my appearance on KCUR's Up To Date radio show in a little more than an hour. I may add more stuff here over the next couple of hours.

Shameless Plugs:
While I mostly use this place to share my pictures and carry on and on about my personal adventures in getting around the Greater Kansas City Area, I do actually have some useful information for bicycle commuters here:

Multi-Mode commuting using your bicycle and transit

  • Google Transit maps - get transit schedules and route suggestions. In Kansas City, only works with KCATA's Metro and MAX buses.
  • KCATA - Kansas City Metro and MAX information, schedules and route maps.
  • The JO - Johnson County Transit bus information, schedules and route maps.
  • TARC Bike Rack Rap - Humorous informational video of how to put your bike on the bus. The racks shown in the video are the same used on all MAX, Metro and The JO buses.
  • MARC Guaranteed Ride Home - Bus riders, bicycle commuters and car-poolers can sign up for RideShare, which entitles you two two free taxi rides home in certain emergency situations. This alleviates the "what if" worry for many car-free commuters.
Bicycle Commuting Information
Local Clubs and Advocacy


Sairen said...

Great job today, Noah. I thought the show went really well. Always a joy to hear this stuff brought forward.

Anonymous said...

Great post.

Hit me up over at Perth Bike Commuter, and add me to your blog roll!


Perth Bike Commuter

kG said...

Dude, it was excellent hearing you on the radio yesterday -- you give a fine interview, very sharp on your feet, and well spoken. I enjoyed it, all the panel members were superb, and I think a positive message was put out there. I was even surprised about the number of NON-cyclists that called in with legitimate questions and kind comments. Surprising, and maybe a sign on a turning tide? good stuff!

Noah said...

I'm only sharp on my feet because a lot of the questions they asked were the same ones my cow-orkers ask all the time. Why is "what if it rains?" such a popular question? Everyone laughed at my answer, though. That's a reflex answer. I didn't even think. I was sooo ready for that question.

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