Monday, May 05, 2008

Weak-end stuff and Monday Miscellany

Weak-end stuff.

Our V6 Explorer needed gas this weak-end. We don't drive it much. I can't understand how my cow-orkers can bear to see this 3x per week:

Menorah Medical Center has a decent-sized wheelbender by the ER Entrance. Yes. Another trip to the ER.

Monday Miscelanny. I snapped this pic while waiting for the light to turn in my favor.

It was just Karen and I for the Monday Commuter Convoy. Next Monday's the big day, with the official KC Bike Week convoys. Temperatures were still in the 40s this morning. Hopefully they'll be warmer next week.

The TWA Rocket.

It sits atop the TWA building, adding some retro-cool flair to the neighborhood. I like it.

El Pocito Mexico. Just in time for Cinco De Mayo.

The Pitch office with whispy clouds and the KC Skyline.

It seems something is always under construction down here.

These little alleyways can be a real blessing for cyclists. All kinds of little traffic-free shortcuts await. Not always suitable for skinny tires, though. Some of this stuff is essentially urban singletrack.

Random Tunage:
Aria - One (Holy crap - relentless oontzing and thumping)
Dave Matthews Band - Ants Marching


MRMacrum said...

The rocket rocks. I tried to bring one home from the dump once. My wife would not even let me unload it from the truck. It was one of those fiberglass rockets you see used for rides at fairs. So I took it back and the next day I saw it in my neighbor's yard.

Jon said...

I love riding alleyways. Lots of broken glass and other debris, often, but you get to see the "man behind the curtain", also.

Unknown said...

Like the tunage. What is your milage everyday. Been reading your blog for a while and was wondering about commuting myself. I'm a MTB so will first need to sort out a bike for commuting. The next thing is that work is 80km away with a great climb. So not sure about the 160 km round trip everyday. Works out to about 100 miles I think. Any tips.

Noah said...

Here are My May 2008 Miles and stats (You can click the links to switch between months or look at the summary

As far as commuting goes, you may be able to shorten your trip by using trains or buses. That's how I got started, just a few miles per day to the bus stop.

Driving part way, or driving to work, then riding home is another option. Of course, you must be prepared to ride to work the next morning if you do that, so that you can drive home!

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