Monday, May 05, 2008

The nicest day this week

According to some, this will be the nicest day we see this week. It might be all downhill from here. We'll see.

I Got caught by a train on the way home.

On my way to the Monday night ride. 85th is still torn up.

Riders socialize while others gear up.

The last half of the Monday night riders.

Attack Of The Carneys.

It's not Cinco De Mayo without beer. Eeh. Corona is okay, I guess. Call it peer pressure. Oh, Hi Mark. And I think that's John hiding with the Colnago cap.

I haven't seen this house before.

It's got a built-in greenhouse. Not your usual suburban JoCo home.

I was losing serious daylight fast when I got home, so I played artsy fartsy photographer with what was left.

Random Tunage:
Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko
Finger Eleven - One Thing


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the weather is starting to improve for you. The pics of the waterfall are awesome. What are you talking about...that house looks like a greenhouse!

Noah said...

The north side of that building is a house, complete with a garage and visible living space. The southern half is greenhouse, enclosed by plexiglass and screen.

From the look of it, it appears as if they used part of an existing house, knocked down a lot of it, and built the dome (it's not geodesic) on top of it, turning a lot of it into a greenhouse. There may be a lot of room on the living side above the first floor -- if not, it's a pretty cozy dwelling.

You just don't see stuff like that this close to well-established parts of suburban Johnson County, KS but it looks like it's been there for a while. I usually ride on Marty or Riley to get home from the Monday Night ride. I don't know why I rode on Hamilton last night instead, but I'm glad I did.

Actually, looking at Google Maps it appears the greenhouse part is not as big as I thought since I couldn't see the back yard. Cool concept, though.

Noah said...

My bad. This link should work better

Apertome said...

I love taking photos in the last light of the day, always some great light, colors, and shadows to work with. You captured them well. I also like the longish exposure waterfall shots.

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