Friday, May 02, 2008

I lied. Never a dull moment.

You know me. I just can't stay still. I have to ride, and every ride is seemingly some kind of adventure. If I'm not mercilessly annihilating my rolling stock or breaking something else with my golden crowbar sandbox antics, I'm out taking pictures or being a huge nerd.

See, I figured that I'd pass the day complacently nestled within the confines of my 8' x 8' cubicle, then swing aroud to the bus when I got done working, then probably go home to get my car. I almost always get my car for my First-Friday geek exploits. My friends often have other things lined up.

Well, all that went out the window when I decided to go for a lunch-time ride in the west bottoms, a blighted industrial area. Yes, more history-steeped midwest goodness. So much history, in fact, that I wouldn't even know where to begin. I could probably write a paragraph or two on every photo I took out there. I'll spare you. Enjoy.

You can't see it but my bike is alllll the way by the stop sign. This might give you an idea of how huge this overpass is. And I'm still 40 feet off the ground below. This is a funky two-level bridge.

Let me zoom in on that for you.

Testing the limits of my digital zoom, in KC's hazy atmosphere, this is the outline of the roller coasters of Worlds Of Fun from 7.5 miles away.

Airplane taxiing (Taxing? Taxeeeying?) at Wheeler Airport.

I wound down the night after the Mall at Applebee's with my friends. It's riding distance from the Maul and practically on my way home. Didn't need to get the car at all. It was a great night.

Random Tunage:
Robert Nickson - Encounter
Armin Van Buuren - Going Wrong

1 comment:

Jon said...

Seems to be a preponderance of red cars parked at Holsum Foods...

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