Friday, May 02, 2008

Nothing can prepare you for...


First Friday of the month. Time to geek out. That's right, emo kids. We are taking your precious Oak Pork Maul by storm again this evening. Warning: annoying sound on that link. And judging from the Favicon, it appears to be served by Lotus Notes (a.k.a. Bloated Goats or simply Bloatus), which I loathe with a fierce passion.

Not much in the way of photos this morning. Tornadic cells popped up all over town around dusk. As those storms moved out, another big cell from the southwest brought insane straight-line winds in excess of 80 MPH through the area in the wee hours. Left toppled in its wake are countless trees, newspaper dispensers, trash cans and anything else that weighed less than 150 pounds and wasn't bolted down (and some things that were). At 6:00 this morning, the pavement was soggy. The air was thick with humidity. The air was completely and totally still. I had a really fast ride to the bus stop.

I have too much going on today to make the full ride, but the bus works. Lorin brought his best Tony Robbins impersonation to coffee this morning. Just... wow. There won't likely be anything worth mentioning this evening, but maybe I'll have something this weekend to talk about.

I just got word that the Quivira Park Rides are starting back up. This is a weekly ride on Saturday mornings with a fixed route of about 24 miles. The start/end point is about 5 miles due south of my apartment. I have ridden this route with Tim a time or two, but never with the actual Quivira Park guys. I may try this in the morning. Pics will follow if I do. I really need to get some miles this month. As much as I would love to rack up 100+ miles this weekend, I am a wimp that's nowhere near ready for any of Dave's crazy training rides.

Peace out. Have a good weekend.

Random Tunage:
White Zombie - Blur the Technicolor
Hybrid - Dreaming Your Dreams

Another whimsical musical musing... Hybrid is just great. If you haven't heard them or heard of them, give then a listen. It's ambient breakbeat electronic music backdropped with a full orchestra. Pretty sweet stuff.


dvicci said...

Don't sell yourself short! You'd be surprised at how far you could go if you set your mind to it.

What's up with the Quivira ride? Not being a member, I can't view the group. Road? MTB? Fast? Slow? No drop? Chaos?

Might be interested for both myself and the GF if it fits the bill.

Noah said...

Moderate/Fast road ride.

Noah said...

And by the way... I could ride 100 miles in one day. That's not a doubt in my mind. I would be overreaching if not flat-out overtrained, and it would likely cause my more harm than good. It would likely take me off the bike for a few days. I'm simply not properly trained for a ride of that stature right now. Last August? I could have done a 200k or 300k brevet, probably. Right now? No.

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