Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Morning Photos. Evening Storm Racing.

This morning's commute in photos

Jon! Look! I got Megan's Fortune at lunch today!

With an isolated cell making its way toward downtown and a more powerful storm looming to the west, I decided hammering it on the way home would be a good idea. Ed might like to chase Kansas City Weather on occasion. I'd rather race the storms, if you will. But only if the odds are somewhat stacked in my favor. I'm zealous, not retarded.

Karen and I did encounter some rain, but mostly just sprinkles and wet pavement.

Random Tunage:
Pacific Link - Once Upon A Time
Dave Matthews Band - Crash


MRMacrum said...

"I'm zealous, not retarded". LOL! That's great.

Noah said...

I've used similar verbiage a time or two before when referencing the weather. Like I tell my family, if weather looks really threatening, I'll use the bus. Although back in May of last year I still had to drive to the bus stop on bad days. I haven't driven my car to work since I moved, thanks to being right on a bus route. I love my new 10-20.

WildcatAl said...

I thought I was going to get home just kinda wet, then the real rain came down and it felt like I was shooting water out of my shoes with each stroke, but my glasses were so wet I couldn't check!

Frogman said...

Man, that fortune is awesome. I'm going to forward Megan a link.

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