Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Forgot my phone

I'm publishing this via e-mail since I forgot my phone (which also
lets me access the 'net from work), so pardon any weirdness that
happens with this post. As you may recall, I'm trying to build up to
avoiding the bus all together except for inclement weather. I've only
had a few full round-trip bike commutes. One in January, One in
February and one yesterday. I didn't get one in March. I rode all
the way in again this morning. A moderate headwind (9-13MPH out of
the Northeast) really put the hurt on me. I'm weak, but trying.

Now, I've got 16 one-way bike-only trips under my belt on top of those
3 full round trips, and I'm (finally!) approaching 1,000 miles for the
year. It's not like I haven't been riding. I just haven't been
riding as much as I wish I were. I'm pretty sure I'll ride all the
way home this evening as well. That would make this my first 2
back-to-back bike-only commutes this year. It's too bad that weather
is looking crappy for the last part of this week. With fenders, I
don't mind wet roads too much, as long as it's not raining too hard at
the times I need to be on the road. Of course, I'm still fighting my
aversion to headwind. I'll get there someday. Hopefully that someday
is soon.

I've got pictures to upload, but those need to wait until tonight.
Also, I can't publish any comments until I get back home. Have a
happy Hump Day, folks!

Random Tunage:
EPO - Popcorn (Trance cover of the 1970's song by Hot Butter)
Real McCoy - Run Away


Yokota Fritz said...

Don't feel bad -- I've done only one round trip commute via bike only from my current home.

Noah said...

Yeah, but if I recall correctly, your one way is longer than my round trip. I can almost always make the trip in under an hour each direction.

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