Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A convoy of three and a bike bath

I met Lorin at 13th and Broadway on my way out of Downtown. Karen also emailed me today and said she wanted to convoy, so we waited by the brewery. I saw this guy doing the crosswalk button trick.

Southwest Boulevard just north of the brewery is still flooded.

Goooosh! Lorin and I took the left part of the right lane (too much traffic in the left lane) and it got me wet even with fenders. There's just no protecting yourself in 8" deep water.

Lorin's Commuter. It's at least 59cm if not 62. Ye Gods.

Karen (left) and Lorin (right) hogging the lane. Good commuters. There are 2 more lanes and light enough traffic.

Random Southwest Boulevard stuff

Karen pulls ahead to conquer the mighty 67th street hill. That's Part 1. There's a shorter, steeper section after that.

My bike was a complete disaster when I got home. It looked like I'd been mountain biking in the mud with it. One thing I love about my apartment complex is they provide outdoor hose hookups on every building. I picked up a hose and some simple green and got to scrubbing. I waxed it, too. Does that make me an OCP?

Just being goofy.

These pedals have seen many miles and better days but they still click like new.

Random Tunage:
DJ Hell - Buttersaure
White Zombie - More Human Than Human


Anonymous said...

Nice bike and nice blog. If cleaning it makes you ODC then I'm screwed.

Noah said...

As far as OCD... Actually, I asked if it makes me an OCP, which stands for "obsessive compulsive poseur." This is kind of a funny term, used mostly by those who ride in street clothes and have no intent of racing to describe those who dress in cycling-specific clothing and ride more expensive road bikes.

The joke is that people who ride without tons of fancy, go-fast goodies often fancy themselves as "real cyclists" in the "real world" and the weekend club riders as "poseurs" or "wannabe racers".

Meanwhile, those who are going on long, fast club rides fancy themselves as "real cyclists", while figuring that plain-clothed riders must have lost their license, must be homeless, or can't afford a car.

Thankfully, I stand as an outside observer to all of this. While I have no intent to ever race, I don't demean others for their reasons for cycling, the kinds of riding they do, or the gear they choose to use.

I do, however, make fun of people for doing things that I believe are dangerous or life-threatening on a bike, but I don't think I'd actually yell at them to change their ways. I'm very much a live-and-let-die kind of guy that believes in dishing out advice only to people who obviously want it from me.

Thanks, Bryan, for the comment. Welcome to the Blogosphere. I see that your plight is beginning a bit like mine did. Congratulations on being among the few who actually do something more than making excuses. I'll add you to my blogroll.

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