Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Photo: My homebrew geeky weather screen saver running on FreeBSD.

Olathe - IXD is the closest weather station that the NWS has to my place. According to weather data this morning, wind of 29, gusting 37 MPH was at my back on the way to the bus this morning. It's kind of interesting when your personal best time for a 2 mile ride to the bus is on a mountain bike. My previous PB was a 23 MPH average on my road bike. I didn't drop below 18 even climbing the viaduct this morning, and got up to a sustained 35 MPH (almost spinning out) on Quivira for an average of 24.6 MPH to the bus this morning.

Ye gods.

2 side-notes today.

1) CHIPOTLE IS OPEN DOWNTOWN!!!!!! Today, they're offering a free burrito to all who show up. Tomorrow is their grand opening. It's in the P&L District near 17th and Grand (or so). There's a huge sign, and you can't miss it. You know where I'm going for lunch. Nom nom nom.

2) Tomorrow, Mark Thomas, Deb Ridgway, and some others will be in Shawnee (6:30 PM at the Civic Centre, 13817 Johnson Drive) giving a short seminar on how to get around by bike for commuting, errands, and whatnot. I'll likely be there as well (perhaps just to help answer questions, maybe to speak). More info at Localcycling.com.

Random Tunage:
Orbital - Satan
Way Out West - Intensify (Blind Faith remix)


MRMacrum said...

I am guessing you ride East to work. The wind out that way never seemed to come from any other direction. Was the ride back brutal, or had the previous tailwind died down?

Noah said...

I ride 2 miles due south to catch the bus, so the 30+ MPH gusts from the north were pushing me along nicely.

I am still at work right now, but I went out for lunch and was forced to ride north for a while, and "brutal" doesn't begin to scratch the surface of what was going on.

When I take the bus home, I often end up at a different stop 3 miles east from my place.

Yokota Fritz said...

Mmmm. Free burritos.

Tailwinds are a blast, especially 30 mph tailwinds.

dvicci said...

I missed out on these tailwinds... it would have been a great change of pace from the headwinds to and from work! Still... I'll opt for health recovered over tailwinds at this point.

I have pool every Wednesday, or I would definitely show up at the civic Centre. Take notes!

Digging that weather screen, btw. That's the most coolest.

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