Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nom Nom Nom

"Nom nom nom" is the lolcatesque onomatopoeia used to describe the sound of chewing, usually with your mouth open. This photo is me about to nom nom nom on a huge Chipotle burrito. I swung by Chipotle on my way to the monthly KC PHP User's Group meeting. It was almost 50 degrees and overcast upon departure. Other errands-by-bike today included a couple miles to the pharmacy.

Unfortunately, while I was at my meeting, the temperatures not only dropped like a rock, but the sky opened up and started raining. Rain and near-freezing temperatures aren't quite my thing, and a friend offered to give me a ride home. Had home been less than the 7 miles away, or maybe had I been able to avoid riding on Quivira, one of the more treacherous arterials out here, I would have turned him down.

Oh well. 9 miles is better than zero, which is what most of my weekends have been like recently.


MRMacrum said...

Coming off being sick has a way of tempering even the hardest core of attitudes. And rain at 32'f or lower will make even the baddest dude second guess their intentions of doing much outside.

I'd say your decision was the smart one.

Ray Craighead said...

So what's the meaning of your banner slogan? :)

Noah said...

It wasn't technically too cold nor too wet for a bike ride. It was, however, too cold and too wet for a bike ride with the impending threat of Bronchitis.

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