Monday, February 25, 2008

Case of the Mon-daze?

I woke up more than half an hour late this morning, so my AM started in a frenzy.
My wife is fine for now and there's a really long story to it but it's not something for here. I'll just say that I hate emergency rooms and leave it at that. I forgot to mention how awesome the ride was to the hospital on Friday. As you can imagine, my mind was somewhere else at the time... I rode 103rd street from Antioch to Quivira. 103rd has been under construction for the better part of a year, if not longer. In fact, all the way from Metcalf, 103rd is torn up. Just ask Warren.

Between Antioch and Quivira, though, there's a lot of bridge construction. Right now it's a 35 MPH zone, one lane each eay, but it was originally 2 lanes each way and 45 MPH. People are still rolling through at 60+. With that, I enjoyed riding in the construction lanes. This was actually a blast. 1' - 3' drops, 12-18" hops to make to get back up onto the concrete, lots of snowy mud, some really slick glare ice, and just about the most fun I've had on The Goat since my last singletrack ride in November. It was all the stuff I wish I could find in the urban core, but never do. I know it's here, though. I just can't find much of it. I guess there's Barney Allis Plaza but the cops would probably kick me out.

There was a bunch of other madness this weekend, and as such I didn't get a chance to scrub down my bike. My drivetrain was trashed this morning. I lubed it up to limp it along, but I'm going to need another chain -- SOON. I'm about due for a new cassette too, and I'm still on the OEM chainrings that are nearly a decade old - the middle one is worn, and the big ring has some damage from bottoming out on limestone at Shawnee Mission Park. I think I'll limp my bike along until spring, and save up my cash for a new crankset, chain, cassette and front derailleur -- maybe a new RD, too.

This morning: 25° and balmy. The roads were mostly dry, amazing since Saturday brought with it a bunch of snow. We're supposedly in for a temporary warm spurt today followed by another wave of arctic air. This has been the chilliest February in a very long time, and I'm just about sick of it.

Random Tunage "WAKEY WAKEY!" Edition:
Braincell - Computer Controlled
DJ Hardleg - Rhythm
(Random tunage from my hardstyle trance playlist)


Apertome said...

I'm glad to hear your wife is OK.

That sounds like some fun (but dangerous) urban riding. I can imagine the fun but I worry about construction sites -- you never know what might be lurking there.

My winter commuter is not in great shape right now either and I keep promising I'll clean/fix it up and do some upgrades once it's not my everyday bike anymore for a while. AND I just got a book on bicycle repair for my birthday so now maybe I'll be able to do some of that work myself.

Oh, and yeah, I'm definitely ready for spring -- this is getting old!

amidnightrider said...

Good for your wife that things are getting normal again.

Winter riding is almost over, hang tough, it'll be 108 soon enough.

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