Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Might need to tone it down a bit...

My clothing, that is.

It was 9 degrees when I left home this morning. I opted for my thermal base layer, top and bottom. Bluejeans, two pairs of socks in roomy shoes, and the inner layer of my winter ski coat up top. On my head, I wore two balaclavas, the second to keep my chin and ears warm.

I had a somewhat brisk pace on the way to the bus, but I wasn't hammering it. By the time I hit the viaduct apex, my torso was burning up. This is the same upper-body combo that was fine -- no, great at 19 degrees without the increased effort.

If this continues, I may try layering thinner layers. Perhaps my thermal base layer, a hooded sweatshirt and a windbreaker or my ski jacket's outer shell. This should, in theory, be about as warm as my ski coat/base layer combo, but with the ability to vent the outer layer while still having something warmer than just my base layer exposed to the breeze.

As it sits, I rode the last half mile or so of my journey with only my thermal base layer on. I took my coat off on the bus and packed it away, so I was already dry. That configuration is certainly too cold to ride any distance in, but it was better than sweating my arse off.

It's somewhat frustrating to have a setup that you know works really well, and when one variable is out of place the equilibrium is thrown all out of whack. I may have to reserve my ski coat.

The Goat is back in its singletrack form again. The cargo rack is off, the rear fender is back on, and it's looking really, really grimy from the last two days. Some of this is slop from riding it, and some of it is the crusted-on remnants of the briny spray it gets while strapped to the front of the bus on the highway. It'll need a good, thorough cleaning sooner rather than later. I can only hope that we see temperatures above freezing for a bit this afternoon, as I don't really have a good place to clean it off indoors.

Random Tunage:
Dynamix II - Machine Language
New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Remix) [Blade Soundtrack]


Anonymous said...

snap some pics of "THE GOAT" before and after the cleaning! :) i love those type of shots.

Noah said...

We'll see if I have the wherewithal to take the After pictures, as I might get the beatdown for cleaning my bike in our guest shower. Better to beg forgiveness, eh? :P

Jon said...

The thing is, I go through three or four different temperature bands on the way to work (in and out of creek drainages, into the urban heat sink, etc.) and I am usually just right for one of them, and too hot for the rest. (I tend to err on the side of warm.)

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