Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Day After Tomorrow

You know that scene in The Day After Tomorrow? Forget the flooding and all of that. Just the part with the massive cooling effect. Remember that?

Well today was kind of like that. It was 54 degrees when I left my apartment. It was 52 degrees when I got downtown. But somehow, in mere minutes, it was suddenly in the mid-40s before I could actually get to work. This cool-off had to have occurred in as few as 15-20 minutes. By lunch-time, we were down to 17 degrees with strong winds and horizontal snow. Only a few hundred miles to our east, Saint Louis was enjoying temperatures approaching 70 degrees.

The ride to the bus this morning was a little sloppy. The road was sweating with condensation. The air was just right -- again, about 54 degrees. Short-sleeve weather, for sure. Not willing to let it fool me, I had my winter coat packed for my return trip.

The return trip was bitter cold. 17 degrees, very windy, and with slushy roadways and impatient motorists trying their damnedest to make my life hell. The pedestrian bridge was dicey with strong winds and nothing but a chain-link fence to baffle it. Being held 40 feet above the ground and all of the wind-calming protrusions therefrom, I was literally hanging in the breeze and not having much of a good time, either.

At least the rest of the week looks predictably cold. No more of this bait-and-switch weather.

Random Tunage:
Sarah Brightman - Snow on the Sahara (how fitting!)
Reflekt Ft. Delline Bass - I need to feel loved (12" Club Mix)

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MRMacrum said...

It is interesting to read your weather commentary. As it often indicates what is heading my way. Yesterday I was out in the yard in my snow boots, shorts, and a tee rifling through one of my several blue tarp collections looking for that special piece of material to finish off a project. Standing in the snow facing the Sun, I knew it had to be at least 45'F outside. No goose bumps. And I could feel the Sun heating up my black Tee shirt.

Tonight Kevin, my local favorite weather guy is calling for single digits.

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